Lady Werewolf

Greetings! I'm Katarzyna "Lady Werewolf" Stolarska, an artist hailing from Poland. My passion lies in creating art across diverse media and styles, with a particular emphasis on digital realism, acrylic realism, and digital manga/cartoon drawings.

Commissions status: CLOSED

Art Commissions Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering commissioning artwork from me. Before proceeding with your order, please read the following terms and conditions carefully:Ordering and Contact Rules:
🔹 Commissions can be placed through my Ko-fi page or by filling out the commission form that you can access by clicking a button on the bottom of this page.
🔹 All communications will be conducted via email. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address.
🔹 Commission slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Filling out the form does not reserve your spot; payment is required to secure your place in the queue.
Communication and Updates:
🔹 Regular updates on the commission's progress will be as needed (weekly/every few days, depending on the type of commission).
🔹 Communication will primarily be through email.
License and Copyright:
🔹 Artwork is for personal use only unless explicitly stated otherwise.
🔹 When sharing images publicly, proper credit must be given. Private sharing without credit is allowed unless the recipient claims authorship.
🔹 I retain the copyright to the commissioned artwork.
🔹 Commissioners have the right to reproduce the artwork for personal use only. Commercial use requires explicit permission from the artist.
🔹 For Ko-fi orders, payment is processed through Ko-fi.
🔹 For other payment methods (PayPal, Blik, wire transfers), the full commission price is due after we both agree on the commission details.
🔹 Additional costs for shipping, if applicable, will be discussed separately based on the destination and artwork size.
🔹 Once work on the commission has begun, refunds are not possible.
🔹 In Poland, artworks are shipped via DPD or Paczkomat. International shipping costs and methods are determined on a case-by-case basis.
🔹 European shipping typically costs around 14 euros.
🔹 Commissioners will receive a tracking link or number once the package is sent.
🔹 Shipping is optional; if the original is not required, please inform me. In such cases, I reserve the right to sell the original to another buyer.
Subjects I Can Paint:
🔹 I specialize in realistic portrayals from photo references provided by commissioners or myself.
🔹 Clients are prohibited from providing copyrighted reference material. Please ensure that any reference images are either owned by you or are royalty-free.
🔹 Painting from loose prompts incurs an additional fee.
🔹 Accepted subjects include people, pets, animals, and landscapes.
🔹 I do not paint nudity, illegal content, machines, robots, or cities.
🔹 If specific deadlines are required, they must be communicated and agreed upon before the commission begins.
🔹 Delays caused by either party will be discussed, and any necessary adjustments will be made.
Promotional Use:
🔹 The artist retains the right to use images of the commissioned work for promotional purposes on the artist's website, social media, or other platforms.
Force Majeure:
🔹 In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond either party's control (force majeure), both parties will discuss and agree on a reasonable resolution.
🔹 If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to contact me via email or on my social media platforms.
‼️ By commissioning artwork from me, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding and support!

About me

Hello, I'm Katarzyna Stolarska, an artist based in Poland.My journey into art began in high school, sparked by my discovery of Naruto manga thanks to a friend. At the outset, my style was heavily influenced by the dynamic world of manga.Fascinated by the beauty of realistic portraits, I ventured into capturing the essence of celebrities in my artwork. About two years into my artistic exploration, I embraced the digital realm with my first graphics tablet.In 2015, I delved into the world of acrylic paints during local painting workshops led by Hanna Gancarczyk. While others at the workshops used oil paints, I took on the challenge of mastering acrylics independently. Over time, I've developed a close connection with these paints.Throughout my workshop experiences, I actively participated in gallery shows and entered competitions, earning recognition and rewards.If you'd like to support my art, you can buy me a coffee on Ko-fi. On Ko-fi, you can also explore commission opportunities or purchase pieces from my store.Your support means a lot, and I look forward to sharing more of my creative journey with you.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or send me a direct message on one of the social platforms (find the links below). I'm always here to assist!


Digital commissions (temporarily closed)

Traditional commissions

🔹 Type 1: Pet Potraits - Traditional (Acrylics or Oils)
Format: 50x60 cm
Technique: acrylics/oils on canvas
Price: €320+ per animal
Other formats: YES (price to discuss)
Time required: up to 30 days
Addons possible: More detailed background, more characters, shipping

🔹 Type 2: Human Potraits - Traditional (Acrylics or Oils)
Format: 50x60 cm
Technique: acrylics/oils on canvas
Price: €320+ per character
Other formats: YES (price to discuss)
Time required: up to 30 days
Addons possible: More detailed background, more characters, shipping

🔹 Type 3: Pet Potraits - Traditional (Markers)
Format: A4
Technique: markers on paper
Price: €75+ per animal
Other formats: NO
Time required: up to 2 weeks
Addons possible: More detailed background, more animals, shipping

🔹 Type 4: Freestyle - Traditional (Acrylics or oils) - email me to discuss the details.